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Raspberry Ketones

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Made from pure Raspberry Ketones this formula has been called fat-burner in a bottle

2 cap serving

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Raspberry ketones

Raspberry ketones are natural chemicals that give raspberries their enticing aroma. It is used for various purposes ranging from weight loss, cosmetic use like the perfumery and lotions, etc., a flavoring agent like in soft drinks and ice creams, sweets, etc. Raspberry supplements have gained popularity due to their potential metabolism boosting and fat burning qualities. When combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, they can help to promote weight loss results. The properties of Raspberry Ketones are believed to have a powerful and positive effect on your overall health.

Raspberry Ketones increase the secretion of the brain chemical norepinephrine which breaks down the fat present in your fat cells. Packed full of antioxidants, raspberries have long been known to protect your body against diseases and cell damage. Studies conducted on rats and on cells grown in laboratories, Raspberry ketones supplement was found to increase the oxidation of fatty acid thereby stimulating adiponectin, a hormone that reduces appetite and also speeds up the rate at which the body burns fat. The adiponectin hormone is also known to suppress appetite.

Japanese researchers have also found that raspberry ketones may be good for the skin and hair. In a small scale study, researchers found that some hair regrowth was noted in bald patients using raspberry ketones.

Adiponectin hormone

The raspberry ketone increases the production of the protein hormone adiponectin which helps to break down fats and also regulates sugar levels and metabolism. Adiponectin, secreted from the fat tissues of the liver and muscles, controls metabolic deviations that could lead to obesity and other diseases. Adiponectin is a hormone that is found at high levels in thin people whereas low levels in the obese. Increasing the amount of this hormone in your diet can both decrease fat and increase metabolic rate resulting in further weight loss.  Having the ability to increase adiponectin is an added advantage for raspberry ketone supplements that prevent and reduce the risk of many diseases.

What are the uses of Raspberry Ketones?

Raspberry Ketones Increase the body’s metabolism and encourage the body to more burn fat instead of storing fat. The product also gives the body the ability to turn fat into energy for essential use through the enzyme lipase.

Can Raspberry Ketones help you lose weight?

The raspberry ketone enzyme increases the production of the protein hormone adiponectin. Increasing the amount of this hormone in your diet can both decrease fat and increase metabolic rate resulting in further weight loss. Research shows that when paired with a balanced diet and regular exercise, raspberry ketones can help you lose weight. These same benefits can be achieved by eating the whole fruit but you would have to consume about 90 pounds to get the same effect, which is why pills are usually preferred. 

Can Raspberry Ketones boost metabolism?

Studies suggest that Rasberry Ketones helps the body enhance its adiponectin production, which in turn breaks down fat and regulates metabolism as well. Therefore, the benefits of raspberry ketone supplements can promote active metabolism. Animal studies also show that raspberry ketones can help reduce the stubborn abdominal fat stored in the liver. So the more adiponectin, the better your body will be able to clear out fat cells to use them as energy.

Can Raspberry Ketones help boost your immune system?

The high antioxidant content in Raspberry Ketones has been linked to everything from protecting the body against disease to preventing cell damage, giving you multiple, ongoing health benefits as well as weight loss. Raspberry Ketone increases the production of B and T cells (white blood cells) which helps to boost the immune system making it more resistant to diseases.

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